Welcome to Our Blog! Our Story Starts Below...

Welcome to our blog! We set this up as an information hub about the progress of our little twin boys who were born on January 5, 2010. We along with our little boys first thank you so much for your love and support, and hope that this blog will give you an opportunity to follow their progress as they grow in the NICU at St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton.

Our little boys had a harrowing journey to get here. They were born at 25 weeks and 6 days, which is needless to say, very early. Jared William, was born at 10:49 a.m. feet first, and on the bathroom floor of the delivery room. Anthony Michael was born at 11:30 via C-section after he decided that he wanted to come out hands first.

Our story started on Monday, January 4 after a doctor's appointment with Dr. Gray. Danielle had been feeling generally, "crappy" the day before and reported what sounded like some contractions. The doctor decided to send us across the street to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. After a couple of hours in labor and delivery the staff confirmed a few contractions, but very far apart. Her cervix was not dilated and the babies were fine.

The doctor sent us home and told us to keep track of the contractions, and so long as they weren't less than 7 minutes apart there was no need for concern. The next morning Danielle started feeling contractions again, but this time they were about five minutes apart. She called the doctor who said to wait another hour and see if they went away.

I was just getting ready to walk out the door to work when Danielle had a contraction that just about doubled her over. Deciding something wasn't right, I called the doctor and said we were coming to the hospital.

On our way to the hospital Danielle was having severe pains in her lower back every three minutes. When we arrived at the hospital Danielle was hooked up to the machines which registered no contractions at all. The doctors and nurses did not think her pains were contractions but constipation. After several attempts to alleviate that Danielle went into the bathroom still having severe lower back pain.

After a minute, I heard a scream, and Danielle was screaming that her babies were coming out. The nurses came rushing, as did the doctor, but Jared was too impatient to wait. He was born on the bathroom floor. After Danielle was moved to the bed, Anthony wasn't so cooperative and an emergency C-section was performed.

The NICU unit was quick to respond and help the teenie little babies breathe and fight for life. Jared was 2lbs. 1oz. and was 13 and 1/2 inches long. Anthony was 1lb. 15oz. and was 13 inches long.

The whole thing was totally unexpected, and frankly more traumatic than happy. But we are blessed with two gorgeous little miracle babies!

Our boys came home to us on March 26, 2010, after spending 81 days or about 12 weeks in the NICU at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton. As you may note from our previous posts below, the journey was not without its bumps in the road.

There were highs, and there were lows. We and the boys braved two laser eye surgeries, and countless other obstacles and scares. But, we never lost confidence in the medical team in the NICU, and always kept our faith that God would lead us through this time.

Our steadfastness paid off, because now the boys are happy and healthy at home! This of course brings with it a totally new set of challenges that we are exicted and eager to experience. The task of caring for twin newborns is a daunting one, but a welcome one.

So, just because the boys are now home, don't think the blogging will stop. It may not be as consistent as before, but we will do our best to keep you all updated on their progress, and give you a window into our lives raising twin boys.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Isolette!

Great news - both boys are over 4 pounds now! You know what that means...bigger poops! Just kidding, it means they are able to be weaned out of the isolette and will be put together in an open crib. The doctors began weaning them out of the isolettes yesterday by decreasing the temperature inside to get them ready for room temperature and tonight if all goes well, Jason and I will be there to move them to a crib.

We also were able to see Anthony get a bath the other night for the first time. He looked absolutely adorable...just like Jared. When we arrived we caught him mid-bath and he was enjoying the bath and looked so relaxed (as if he were in a jacuzzi). Even though Jason and I were not able to give him the bath, I was able to dry him off (its the little things).

Both boys have begun nippling feedings (via bottle) as of Wed. They began with once a day and are now attempting once a shift (twice daily). They are both doing very well and I am surprised at how quickly they figured it out. By no means are they pros, but they have both learned to pace themselves by stopping to catch their breath. The nurses say this is a good sign. Neither of them seem particularly excited to have to work for their food now. They seemed to enjoy the fact that it just ended up in their belly (via OG tube) whether they were awake or asleep.

The goal is for them to be able to take their bottle within 30 minutes and so far, that has not been a problem for either one. They are both waking up just before feeding times now and are definitely aware of their schedule and empty tummy.

Breastfeeding is not quite possible yet. They need to strengthen their sucking skills in order to be able to get anything. The nurses allow me to try and both boys are interested so it won't be long before they are able to breastfeed at least a few of their feedings. Dr. Kamran said that it is common for premature infants to have difficulty breastfeeding, but they should both get the hang of it eventually.

The results of their head ultrasounds showed that the brain bleeds have been resolved on both boys. Small fluid filled cysts have formed where the bleeds were and those are also expected to resolve on their own. There will be one more head ultrasound prior to their discharge and if the cysts are still present, there will eventually be a follow up MRI ordered once the babies are a little older.

Cysts in their brains seem quite scary but apparently are very common after IVH resolves itself. Dr. Hicks said that there is no link to these cysts and any sort of developmental set backs, only the bleeds could be responsible for that.

Dr. Kamran will be talking to us tonight about vaccinations for the boys. They are to be administered at two months of age, which for those of you keeping track was last Friday. Jason and I will be there tonight for the 8PM feeding and change over to a crib so we will be able to talk to Dr. Kamran to discuss any questions we might have. They need our consent before the vaccines can be administered, but I am sure there won't be any issues.

My only concern about the boys receiving the vaccines is their size. A two month old term baby may weigh well over 10 pounds but our boys don't weigh that much combined so I am worried that their bodies won't be able to handle the shots. It seems weird to me that vaccines would be given based on age rather than weight. But what do I know? We will sort it all out tonight.

Nurses keep saying "It won't be long before they come home!" This is exciting news but also makes us both extremely nervous. No one has given us any sort of date or timeline, but the boys are well on their way.

They both have a follow up eye exam tomorrow. We hope that everything is still on the right track to normal development. Both Jared and Anthony open their eyes and look around quite a bit. They definitely recognize our voices and have shown that for many weeks now.

Thank you again for your continued love and support.

Fight On! Little Fighters!! - Love Momma

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  1. WOW!!! What a good report! The prayers are working and I am excited for you both. It is great to know both boys are growing stronger and that the word HOME is actually being used. The blog has been such a wealth of information and kept everyone in the loop. I love you all and thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and work during this difficult time. Not only are the little fighters fighting but the Momma and Papa are fighters too!! Love you, GG